Welcome to Good Things, Books.

Welcome to my first ever book blog post – eeek! I’m Roxie and I’m a freelance writer and editor, and mature student who loves books, hence the book blog! I decided to create this blog in memory of my nan who passed away a year ago yesterday. She loved reading as much as I do, so it seemed fitting.

Yesterday, I spent the day trying to distract myself and avoiding Facebook; I didn’t want to see the sad statuses I knew my family would be posting. This wasn’t me being mean; I just couldn’t face reading them, not yesterday. So, I decided to create a book blog to distract myself from the sadness of the day and celebrate something my nan and I shared a love for.

My nan gave me a bag full of her old books a couple of days before she passed away and I’ve decided it’s time to read them. I’ll write a post every month or so on one those books until they run out. I’ve bought her books for every Christmas, Mother’s Day and birthday since I was able to carefully pick them out myself. After she died, I decided to keep this tradition going by buying one my favourite books to put on her grave for each occasion. At Christmas, I bought The Color Purple and To Kill a Mockingbird for Mother’s Day. I’ll post about my choices as the occasions near, too.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, I promise! I’ll be posting fun stuff, too, like links to bookish must-haves, beautiful book covers, book reviews, and loads more.

For now, though, here’s ten of my favourite things:

  1. Reading
  2. Listening to audiobooks
  3. Angela Carter
  4. Fairy tales (especially the gory ones)
  5. Spending way too much money at Out of Print
  6. Gilmore Girls (yay for Netflix)
  7. Margaret Atwood
  8. The smell of old books
  9. George Orwell
  10. My record player

I’m super excited to share my thoughts with you all as I work my way through my forever-growing to-read list!

~Roxie ❤




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